About Me

I am a yarn obsessed indie dyer, knitter, crocheter, general crafter, “retired” graphic designer/creative director, wife and proud boy mom!

A little about ME! I was born and raised in Western Michigan. I lived there until 2005 when my friend and I decided we were ready for something new. We settled on the Washington DC metro area. It had everything we wanted, mountains, water, and the perks of a large city, all within a short driving distance. I’ve never looked back! I really do love living here. I have now settled in the DC suburbs (Virginia) with my husband and our little boy, Carson. They are my biggest yarn supporters!!

My yarn loving journey started in 2001. I was driving to Alabama for a wedding with my parents and my Aunt and Uncle. My mom had recently picked up knitting again, and my Aunt and I watched curiously, but didn’t think we were bored enough to learn…until we were! Next stop, Walmart. We picked up some metal needles and Lion Brand Homespun yarn to make a basic scarf. By the time we returned to Michigan I was skilled enough to teach my roommate, and we were off and running! I haven’t stopped knitting since.

My yarn dyeing love began in 2018. I’m not sure where the initial inspiration to dye came from, but I knew I would love it. I was working as a graphic designer/creative director at the time, so color was always a huge part of my daily life. I cautiously took over our townhouse kitchen and got to work! The dyeing has only stopped for various moves, etc. I currently have a more “permanent” home studio in our basement.

​Happy crafting!